Volunteer Coordinators


It takes over 300 volunteers to run Operation Happiness here in Clark County, KY. We appreciate the time and effort that these volunteers invest in order to serve the residents of Clark County.

Function / Activity
Chair, Food Ordering, Advertising, Donations, Phones
Fatkin, Debbie
Application & Registration
Mahanes, Stephanie
School Food Sorting
Kiser, Carl
Food Box Assembly Hardy, Teresa
Gormley, Jen
Kroger Food Unloading &
Food Packing
Fatkin, Debbie & Fatkin, Mark
Cold Food Truck
Bridgewater, Craig &
Bush, David
Food Collection / Schools
Freedom Realty
Barrel Collection
Menchen, Mike & Julie
Atkins, John
Food Court
Kiniry, Susie & Everman, Dickie
Hispanic Population Contreras, Gloria & Villasana, Maria
Parking Lot
Willoughby, Tammy
Day Of Giving Deliveries
Turner, Nancy
Prayer Team, CBC Buses & Bulk Deliveries
Hoffman, David & McLean, Marc
Shopping Carts
Turley, Roy
Box Distribution Kiser, Carl
Thank Yous
Dent, Susie & Salem Presbyterian
Comer, Leanna & Boy Scouts
Volunteer Coordinator
Wingert, Brenda
Day of Giving Photos
Nealis, Kim
Emmanuel Access, Set-up & Clean-Up
Father Jim Trimble
Web, Volunteer Site & IT Support
Fatkin, Mark
CCPS Bus Garage, Gates, Parking Lot
Stout, Jill
Printing & General Support
Weckwert, Kristy
Boy Scouts & Signage
Gay, Bucky & Misty
Jail Crew  (Tables, Pallet Jack, Coats, Coat racks, Set up, Milk Crates / Buggies)
Doyle, Frank