Volunteer Registration

It takes over 300 volunteers to run Operation Happiness. If you or your group are interested in volunteering, please make sure you sign-up on this site and indicate what task you are willing and able to perform, and for which day and time you can serve. Each person of your group needs to register separately so that we have an accurate volunteer count and contact information. All volunteers on site are required to wear name badges which will be provided and should be returned after you complete your volunteer time slot.

Volunteer Opportunies include:

Operation Happiness Coordinators
Phone Banks
Krogers Food Truck Unloading / Sorting
Food Collection Sorting
Box Assembly
Box Packing
Coats, Hats, And Gloves Setup / Selection
Day of Giving Food Box Distribution
Day of Giving Food Box Deliveries
Cold Food Distribution
Box Carrying
Bulk Deliveries
Follow-up “Day of Giving”
Day of Giving Registration
See the VolunteerSpot button at the bottom of this page to register for the available volunteer activities.

Volunteer Obligation and Liability Disclaimer

I understand and agree that I am a volunteer and not an employee of Clark County Community Services, Inc. (CCCS), Operation Happiness (OH) or Emmanuel Episcopal Church (EEC).  I will not receive any wages or other benefits from CCCS, OH or EEC  while I am performing services as a volunteer or otherwise.
I understand that I will not be eligible for Worker’s Compensation Benefits in the event that I am injured while volunteering for CCCS, OH or EEC.  If I am injured while volunteering, I will report my injury immediately to the CCCS, OH or EEC employee who is responsible for providing me supervision while at the CCCS, OH or EEC  facility or performing duties off-site for CCCS, OH or EEC .
I understand that I am not protected, as an employee would be, by a variety of federal and state laws that would apply in the event that I were an employee.  Again, I am a volunteer and seek to provide services to CCCS, OH or EEC free of charge and without expectation of compensation or benefit of any type or form.
In the event I damage property or injure another person while in the course of volunteering for CCCS, OH or EEC I understand that I will be responsible for such property damage or injury to another person.
I affirmatively state that I recognize that I am not an authorized agent of CCCS, OH or EEC and I may not:

  • Obligate CCCS, OH or EEC or contract on behalf of CCCS, OH or EEC for any goods/services
  • Speak for CCCS, OH or EEC with respect to services, benefits, or otherwise
  • Sign for the receipt of any parcels or objects that may be delivered to CCCS, OH or EEC
As a volunteer I understand that I am not permitted to:
  • See confidential information of any CCCS, OH or EEC benefit recipients (unless I am a specifically designated and allowed to do so and such designation shall be in writing, signed by the Executive Director).
  • Perform any services as a volunteer of CCCS, OH or EEC whatsoever unless I am being supervised by an employee of CCCS

If I am under age 18, I understand that my parent or guardian must register for me. I understand that I have the responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the terms of this Waiver and Consent.
Finally, I recognize that the services provided by CCCS, OH or EEC are provided to people in need.  The fact that any individual or group of individuals has a need that CCCS, OH or EEC meets should not be communicated to others.

By proceeding with the registration through VolunteerSpot with the button provided below, I acknowledge that I have read and understood my responsibilities.

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